“Anna is not only such an amazing voice teacher but she is a mentor in all aspects. She is always available for her students and will go the distance to make sure they are happy and improving. I have not only grown in singing with these lessons, but I have grown in performance, technique, and confidence. I look forward to my lessons every week. In these lessons I am challenged and learn new tips and tricks. Anna delivers notes in a positive way that it is a learning experience that pushes me to keep working. Through the hard times of COVID-19, we have switched to online lessons. With all this, Anna still puts her students in first through virtual masterclasses, and many other opportunities on top of weekly lessons.”

-Sydney W., 11th grade, Dr. Phillips High School


“There are not enough good words I can say about Anna- about her teaching, her endless love for her students, and innate ability to bring out the very best talent in all of her students.   We met Anna by chance in my daughter’s freshman year and what an unbelievable blessing this turned out to be.  My daughter was so incredibly talented but also terrified of the stage, insecure in her abilities and let her anxiety take over her dreams before she met Anna.  Anna not only kindly ‘gave lessons’ to my daughter, she changed her trajectory for the future.  Anna pushes her students without them feeling pressured.  She did this by providing them a challenging repertoire, incorporating master classes with notable professionals in the field and college professors, and hosted Studio performances at the end of each year in an elite theatre house where typically only professionals perform.  Not only did Anna stay connected through the school year, she also graciously offered summer lessons each year and during the recent pandemic, stayed connected virtually without skipping a beat.  Anna always gave 150% to ensure all her students grew to the very best and more.  I truly believe besides by daughter’s dedication to achieve, Anna singlehandedly is the reason that my daughter (recent 2020 graduate) excelled in local, state and national adjudications, has had many pre-college successful experiences, and will always have music in her life.  As a Mom, I couldn’t have dreamed of a better mentor for my daughter that is now attending her dream school of music in Nashville, TN this fall.”

-Julia, parent of former student


“Taking lessons with Anna has helped my understanding of my voice grow exponentially. Before I started working with her, I had a very limited view of my range and capabilities as a singer, but now I feel like I’ve unlocked another aspect of my art to explore and grow in. She’s very encouraging and helpful, but she is also tough and won’t accept anything less than what she knows her students are capable of. She poses a vast arsenal of exercises and tricks to make tangible the often abstract process of learning how to sing well and she is an excellent problem solver. I’m so thankful for the time I’ve had learning from her so far and would recommend her to anyone!”

-Hannah, Rollins College


“Being Anna’s student for 4 years, she has molded and formed me in so many ways beyond my musicality. She is so knowledgeable in knowing how to teach technique, learning new repertoire, confidence in performing, and most importantly, she takes the time to understand each individual student. I think this is notable to share because the overall experience you are guaranteed with Anna’s teaching, is that she will never use the “one size fits all” approach. She devotes her time and energy to discover what techniques will work with which students, and encourages them to acknowledge what works best for their own self-application and growth. Whether it be in-person lessons or virtual, she always has maintained this amazing dedication to all of us students. I can honestly say Anna has given me the tools, wisdom, and confidence to go forth in furthering my music education and I am forever grateful for that.”

-Mackenzie, former student, Dr. Phillips High School


“After taking almost 3 decades off from singing, I decided to dust off the old vocal chords and join a chorus. One day, the chorus invited Anna Eschbach to facilitate a vocal workshop. I learned more from her in one hour than I did in 4 years of voice lessons back in college. I proceeded to take private voice lessons from Eschbach. Every lesson has that “ah ha” moment! She has this knack of describing and demonstrating vocal technique that quickly clicks with me and make sense. Her style is very supportive and encouraging and her passion for the art is contagious. Whether you’re a novice just starting out or an old crooner returning to their roots, Eschbach sets you on the path for success.”

-Carol, adult student


“Ever since my first voice lesson with Anna in 9th grade, I knew she actually cared and wanted to help me improve my voice. I always feel welcome and able to be myself during lessons. I came from a sub-par middle school choir experience, and we picked out all of the bad habits that were engraved into my singing and made new and improved ones. I can always count on her to be not only a voice teacher, but also a mentor and a friend. I will be forever grateful for my high school choir experience and for Anna!”

-Sydney O., 12th grade, Dr. Phillips High School