Song Analysis Sheet Template

Anna Eschbach Voice Studio

Song Analysis Worksheet

Title of piece:

If applicable, name the larger work (opera, oratorio, song cycle):


Composer Dates & Period in history:

Other significant works by this composer:

Significance of this work (written for special occasion, in honor of someone):

Author of text/poem:

Poet/Librettist Dates & Period in history:

Character and Scenario: (Note: If you are singing an art song and you are not a specific character, you must develop one. Use your imagination, reading the text, “reading between the lines.”) Ask yourself these questions and write down your answers.

A. Who are you?

B. Where are you? (if there is not a specific location indicated in the text, you must decide where you are; a field, a room, on a mountain, on a beach, etc.) Who are you with?

C. Are you involved in the action or are you a narrator?

D. What are you feeling (anger, happiness, frustration, sadness, loneliness)? Do these feelings change within the piece? If so, why?

E. Do your circumstances change during the piece?

If applicable, write the translation on a separate sheet of paper as well as above or below the text in your music. Add the IPA transcription above or below the text to ensure correct pronunciation while practicing. (A copy of the IPA and translation will be given to you via Be prepared to recite your translation from memory in your lesson.